Peach Glow The Booty Bundle

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Introducing our Booty Bundle, all of your favourites in one! 

Ever wonder how to reduce cellulite and get glowing and firmer skin at the comfort of your home? Here's Booty Bundle to the rescue! 

The booty firm & cellulite cream helps visibly reduce cellulite on your booty and thighs + Stimulates collagen, assists with stretch marks and hydrates and firms your skin, giving you that healthy peach glow!

Combine it with the cellulite brush and you're all set!

Our cellulite brush is made out of firm bamboo bristles which help massage the areas where the cream has been applied - increasing blood circulation, oxygen and nutrients while loosening toxins and fat deposits of cellulite. 

Bundle contains: 

  • 1x Booty firm & Cellulite Cream 
  • 1x Peach Glow Bag
  • 1x Cellulite Brush  

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