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The Best Skincare Routine To Follow

Besides picking the right products for your skin type, experts say it's equally important to follow proper skin care routine order rules.

Follow this guide, it's simple!

1. Cleanser

The most essential part of any skincare routine, throughly clean your face with products that won't dry our your skin. Always pat dry to ensure you removed all makeup.

2. Toner

Toners help balance your skin's pH before applying the next steps of your routine. They can hydrate, brighten, exfoliate and treat skin issues like acne.

3. Eye Cream

Eye creams help treat dark circles and puffy eyes while working to hydrate. Skin around the eye is thinner than the rest of the face.

4. Serums & Treatments

Start with the thinnest serum consistency to the thickest. These treatments need to be in direct contact with skin to have the full benefits.

5. Moisturiser

Moisturiser helps to seal in the serums. If your skin feels extra dry or dehydrated, going with a thicker cream in the evening helps prevent water loss.

6. Sunscreen

This last step is non-negotiable. It's recommended to wear at least SPF 30 and reapply every 2 hours. Sunscreen helps to fight acne, dark spots and prevents skin cancer.

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